'boy,' you may say to yourself after looking at this site, 'what is with those typewriter fonts?' i have a thing for typewriters. i like the old manual ones. when i was seven or so i started to write my very first book on an old underwood my family had. it was a joke book, and i had difficulty with the composition because i didn't know how to type very well...but did i ever have some good jokes! the first one looked like this:

the book was never completed. but now, in this age of smooth truetype fonts and slick production from the desktop i still find that i like to use my typewriter to compose letters and the occasional story. the clack of the keys, the whirr and ding of the carriage return...i love these things.

here is a picture of the typewriter i was using. it is not mine. my roommate emily purchased it because she liked the color. i thought is looked a bit like an imac and enjoyed using it, but when i moved i had to leave it behind. after all, it was not mine.

luckily, i found a new typewriter in denver when i was thrift shopping. denver has some good thrift stores. this new machine sparkles. it is brown and says it is an 'olympia' on it and was made in west germany. this is about all i can figure out about it. i paid twenty dollars for this machine, which the most i have ever paid for a typewriter (usually i just find them). this amount seems a bit extravagant when one considers the highly efficient computer equipment i already have, but i will use it any chance i get. hence,

the offer: if you email me a snail-mail address i (or a phaxda.com associate) will compose a personal letter to you on my typewriter. if there is a specific topic you wish to have mentioned in the letter, please specify the topic and perhaps it will be covered. perhaps not. an envelope (addressed to you using the typewriter) and stamp are included, yet there is no charge for this service. we are pleased to provide it for you!

this is output from the typewriter. yes, i did forget the 'v.' i have nothing against the letter v, i just forgot to hit it and am far too lazy to type those letters all again.