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Q: I have a job opportunity/would like to publish something you wrote/give you money, etc. How can I contact you immediately?
A: Send a text to area code five-one-zero two-nine-zereo nine-four-eight-three or email to

Q: Why, given today's advanced technology, does this site look like it is from the year 2000?
A: For the most part, it is from the year 2000.

Q: Why don't you update it?
A: I am going to make some updates, now that I am back online.

Q: Oh, you're back online? I didn't notice you were gone.
A: Yes, the site was gone for awhile. "I didn't notice" is not a question, and it's also sort of rude.

Q: Why did the site go away? Was it just too sucky to be allowed on the Internet?
A: Look. That's TWO questions. I won't warn you again. The site went away because I was done wrong by two hosting companies. I do not recommend (you get what you pay for) or that other one with the Superbowl commercials.

Q: How did I wind up here?
A: I don't know, these pages are rising from the ashes. Links everywhere, man.

Q: Where is the blog?
A: I'm not sure I will have a blog on here. The Facebook page will eventually have some stuff like that.

Q: Is it true that you're unemployed?
A: This is true. I'm going to go update my resume right now

v1: October 9, 2007
v2: September 23, 2019