Wheaton Wire, September 1993

Elections for SGA treasurer and Class of 1997 officers were held on Friday, September 10th in the SGA offices. Senior Alex Tsouvalas won the SGA treasurer slot, which had remained vacant after no candidates ran in the spring. Tsouvalas defeated Andrew Goldsmith by a final tally of 62 to 14. In the class officer elections, Noah Green was elected Class President from among five candidates with a total of 60 votes. Angela Zucchini was the closest contender with 37 votes, followed by Choua Vang (25 votes), Jennifer Glen (24), and David Mendoza (8).

In other offices, Elizabeth Krudys was elected Vice-President with 70 votes. Jennifer Stragnalis snagged 51 votes, while Phong Phan had 31 ballots cast for him.

Treasurer candidate Alexa-Sascha Lewin ran unopposed and won the seat with 140 votes. Patrick Callahan also ran without competition for the Secretary slot, and received 146 votes.

In the most bizarre election, the Class of '97 Senator is undetermined as of yet. The final total from Friday's balloting resulted in a tie for the seat. Both Ramon Tejada and Emily Clement received 49 votes, and only one vote kept Hina Batt from making it a three-way affair as she received 48 ballots. SGA president Chris Esposito says a runoff election between Tejada and Clement will be held "very soon" to determine the seat.

Esposito says that this fall's election was "impressive in many ways." He cites the high number of candidates for class officers (13) as a positive factor and says it shows that members of the new class "have motivation and are willing to get involved." He adds that the candidate's speeches were impressive, and credited them with "handling tough questions well while under pressure" and "having a good attitude towards SGA and Wheaton in general."

In addition, Esposito was enthusiastic about the change of location for the elections. Previously held in the Atrium and 1962 room of the Balfour Hood Center, the voting site was moved to the SGA offices this year. "It's good to get people up here," he says, "so that they can see what it's like... it makes it so it's not some mysterious place where no one dares to go."

The total turnout for the class officer elections was 150 students out of a class of well over 400. Esposito termed the numbers as ones "not to get caught up in," and says it was actually "more than one would expect. The fact that we got 150 people in this [the SGA] office on a Friday is definitely significant," he says.

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